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    Creative Spaces is made up of a team of qualified architects, interior designers, engineers, building consultants and building certifiers working together to produce beautiful, versatile & affordable designs. By offering planning and construction documentation online we can make architectural design affordable.

    Creative Spaces Australia Pavilions.

    Our series of architectural designed pavilions can be tailored to the individual needs of living, working and lifestyle spaces.

    The designs include:

    • new homes
    • additions
    • granny flats
    • entertainment spaces
    • parents’ retreats
    • studios
    • holiday cabins
    • home offices

    The designs consist of a series of 'pavilion type' buildings. The pavilions are light, airy structures, with high ceilings, floating roofs and glazed doors connecting to large covered decks. They are a lightweight timber framed construction, and are raised off the earth. This makes them simple, ecologically sustainable, slope adaptable and cost effective structures to build.

    How does it work?

    Start off by selecting from our designs, we will then provide you with a feasibility report, once you have obtained the report you are then able to purchase the approval and building documents ready for your local authority and builder. All plans and documents you select can be downloaded directly to your computer. Creative Spaces Australia can recommend local builders and can provide advice during the approval and construction process.

    You choose how much help you want.

    Creative Spaces Australia
    Creative Spaces Australia
    Creative Spaces Australia
    Choose your Pavilion today

    The Pavilions can stand alone, be added to your existing home or linked together.

    Add a free standing granny flat or studio space to your block, extend the living areas of your house, link two pavilions together to create a home. At Creative Spaces Australia there are a number of linking structures are available to choose from.

    Creative Spaces Australia
    Freestanding Pavilion
    Creative Spaces Australia
    Pavilion + Existing House
    Creative Spaces Australia
    Pavilion + Pavilion
    See How to Connect to an Exisiting Dwelling

    Creative Spaces Australia New Homes Design

    Creative Spaces Australia is an innovative online business that provides architectural home designs that are affordable. The distinctive designs are planned to cater to range of climatic locations, lot sizes and the slope and orientation of the land.

    The designs incorporate the lifestyle needs of contemporary living through the creative use of space. The plans are modern, they are flexible and they cater to individual needs.

    Series One

    The first in a series of architecturally designed homes is by Casey Brown Architecture. This series consists of six designs covering a range of concepts, lifestyles and environmental conditions.

    Looking to the future, we will be exploring a number of innovative architects from Australia and abroad who will provide additional home design series’ for you to choose from.

    Six Reasons to choose Creative Spaces Australia

    • Architect designed spaces at an affordable price

      All our spaces have been designed by qualified architects who have carefully considered affordability, buildability, comfort and environmental sustainability, as well as planning codes and building regulations. Let us guide you through the design and approval process. We can adapt the designs to suite specific requirements, assist in choosing a builder and provide advice during construction. You choose how much assistance you require.

    • Customise your space online

      Use our innovative website to take you through the various steps of choosing and customising your ideal space. You can position your design on your site using Google Earth, plus you can choose your window style and materials. You can even adjust your roof direction to maximize light and sun penetration. Someone from our friendly team can assist you to make the right choice for your site.

    • 100% money back guarantee

      At Creative Spaces Australia, we provide a 100% guarantee. This means that if after you receive the Planning Compliance Check, the documents are not approved by your local authority, we will refund the cost of the plans you purchased.

    • Approval for Complying Development within 10 days

      Once drawings have been checked by our town planners, Complying Development can be approved within 10 days. If Complying Development is not possible and a Development Application is required, approval time is subject to local council.

    • Planning Compliance check

      Want peace of mind that your local authority will approve your plans before you buy them? Once you have chosen your design, our town planners (from Land & Property Reports) will prepare a report confirming that your new addition, home or granny flat complies with the zoning, Complying Development code or building regulations in your area. They can advise if any adjustments are required for approval prior to the purchase of the drawings.

    • Cost Analysis

      We offer independent professional cost analysis on each individual design before you purchase the drawings.

    And this is just the beginning! Coming soon…you can design your landscape garden, interior design and more.