Online Architectural Plans from Creative Spaces Australia

Engineering drawings tell your contractor about the structural skeleton of your building like posts and beams.

Architectural plans or drawings integrate these structural elements into the rest of the design so your final space can be created. Your contractor needs both sets of plans to build your new home, extension or granny flat.

What do Creative Spaces Architectural Drawings include?

creative spaces archtiectural drawing

Our architectural plans include:


  • Plans – looking down on your building to see the layout of the rooms.

  • Elevations – how each side of your building will look when you stand beside it.

  • Sections – slices through the building to help your contractor see how it all fits together.

  • Electrical drawings – which give your electrical contractor clear instructions of how to lay out the wiring.

  • Lighting drawings – to ensure your new space is effectively lit giving you the best possible ambiance.

  • Window schedules – you can pass these to your window fabricators and they have all the detail they need to make the right windows for your new building.

  • Building specifications – explaining the standards your contractor needs to comply with – (more on this below).


Our architectural plans comply with Australian building standards so, for example, details like balustrade heights are correct at the time of drawing the plans.

 Our Building Specifications contain two sets of documents


1.    Building Specifications

Building Specifications are written documents which list the Australian standards that must be complied with. These are general building practices. All Creative Spaces Australia specifications comply with the building code of Australia.


2.     Building Schedules

 Our schedules list specific materials, fixtures and fittings for you to use in your build. For example, we list the type of tile and floor you would use to complement your chosen design. Creative Spaces Australia schedules are incredibly detailed and specific to each individual project. All the materials comply with Australian building standards.

These schedules are useful as they save you considerable time shopping around for materials. Secondly, because the schedules have been put together by our architects, in collaboration with our interior designers, you can be sure every element is compatible with your new space in terms of look and function.

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