What are the Benefits of Quality Architectural Design?

Posted on March 22, 2013

Quality residential architecture delivers more than aesthetics, although this is undeniably an important aspect.  Modern architecture increasingly focuses on creating more liveable spaces to enhance the function and comfort of our homes.

Architectural design delivers more thermally comfortable homes

You may often hear Europeans complain that Australian homes are either too hot or too cold.  And in most cases it’s true.  With energy costs rising, heating and cooling is draining our pockets, not to mention the environmental cost.

The difference between off-the-shelf home designs and architecturally designed homes and extensions, is climatic and specific site conditions are analysed to deliver a much more thermally comfortable home all year round.

Contrary to what you might think, pretty much every Australian home south of the Queensland border spends more on heating than cooling.  Yet the sun’s warmth is a free resource that’s massively under-utilised!

The problem is our homes don’t effectively tap into that resource.  With good orientation of a home or an extension you can invite the sun in during winter through north-facing glazing.

If the flooring material has what’s known as good thermal mass it captures the sun’s energy and slowly releases it during the evening.  Your home stays warm long after sunset.

Cool architectural design: comfortable and beautiful.

So what happens in summer?  Architects use shading strategies to ensure your home doesn’t overheat during summer. Shading can be incorporated in the residential design by your architect and add real interest to the aesthetics. It makes for a cool home – both functionally and visually.

Or you can use landscape features, such as deciduous trees, to shade in summer and let the sun’s warmth in during winter. Likewise reflective roof and wall materials, particularly on the western side of the home,  significantly reduces summer heat gain.

To make all this work effectively your home needs good insulation for the glazing and structure.  It’s another area where the average Australian home fails badly.  With good architectural design, completely passively heated and cooled homes are achievable making spaces that are better to live in.

Light and airy makes for a better lifestyle – and it will win over potential buyers

Natural light and ventilation is another area our homes tend to perform poorly. And yet any real estate agent will tell you it’s a real selling point.

Again the architect fine-tuning the orientation plays a big role in maximising natural light.

Quality architectural designs also promote natural ventilation such as cross-flow. Or architects can use more technical methods such as stacks to evacuate rising hot air out of the building.

As well as saving energy, it provides a healthier home to live in.

Better spaces and flow of your home.

Good architect design is about integrated thinking.   Top architects solve multiple issues all at once.

The architectural design process integrates your lifestyle aspirations, thermal comfort, flow and quality of spaces to make a home easy and enjoyable to live in.

In our everyday lives we tend to focus on specific problems.  We don’t have enough living space… We need another bedroom…  But rarely do we think about how the quality of space enhances or detracts from our lives.

This is where architectural designers like Creative Spaces excel to deliver aesthetically cohesive designs that maximises your sites potential. And it delivers a better, more comfortable lifestyle for years to come.

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