The granny flat gets a makeover – What to look for when purchasing granny flat plans

Posted on May 10, 2013

Traditionally the dark and damp understorey of the house or a few rooms clumsily separated from the main residence with badly proportioned room sizes, characterised the old granny flat.  Now some good architecturally designed granny flat plans are emerging on the market providing quality, flexible spaces that are a delight to live or work in.

With new granny flat laws in NSW, this type of sort after accommodation is even easier to build with complying development approval processes taking as little as ten working days.

And there are plenty of tenants looking for good quality granny flats out there.  We advertised ours for one week, had an open for inspection for one hour and pretty much everyone applied for it.  We were really spoilt for choice with quality tenants.

But there are some good reasons why ours was so sort after, and these are important to consider when looking at granny flat plans:


Choose granny flat plans that maximise the flow of the space. Connection routes (i.e. hallways) are the biggest waste of space. Good architects spend a lot of time these days avoiding this – be it a granny flat to large commercial projects.  For example, the London Olympic Village designers saved about 8% of space by designing hallways out of the two bedroom units.  When you’re accommodating 17 000 odd athletes, that saves a lot of poorly utilised area.  And the same principle applies in your backyard.


I have used our granny flat as a home office, as an area for my teenage children, then tenanted it when I decided to take some time off work.  Incorporating flexibility into the design of the granny flat was critical.

Creative Spaces architecturally designed granny flats have removable walls.  And where walls are incorporated, you can slide them back to open up separate spaces to one large area.  Enabling the re-configuration of space to suit your purposes, now and in the future, and efficient use of space is definitely something you want to look for when looking at plans.  Being versatile helps with the resale of your property down the track too!

Connection to the outdoors

The reason our granny flat has the “wow I want to live here” factor is the connection to the outdoors.  It’s the big draw card for a lot of people looking for the alternative to unit accommodation.  And if you are looking for a granny flat/home office solution, this helps create an inviting workspace.

Creative Spaces capitalised on this in their granny flat plans.  Using large bi-fold doors that connect to inviting deck areas not only maximises the feeling of space within, but also useful leisure space connected to the garden.

Light and bright

It’s a point you just can’t emphasise enough.  People love light spaces.  Innovative architectural designs by Creative Spaces enables the roof orientation to be modified to maximise orientation to the sun, ensuring quality natural light no matter which way the granny flat is positioned.

Thankfully the granny flat isn’t what is use to be.  They are a highly sort after accommodation or home office option, especially when you get the ingredients right.  Creative Spaces can provide you with granny flat plans tailored to your specific purposes and site conditions, with the flexibility to meet different needs in the future.

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