What is Exempt and Complying Development?

If you want to build a new home, extend your house, add a granny flat, holiday cabin or home office or studio

Your plans may fall under the NSW Government's Housing Code for 'Exempt and Complying Development'.

Under this scheme your building plans can be approved in less than two weeks and you don’t have to go through the expensive and time consuming development application (DA) process.

The SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policies) complying development codes look at a number of different criteria.

For example, your land can’t be wilderness or environmentally sensitive and in addition, there are detailed rules around trees on your plot.

Your building must be less than 50m² and no higher than 3m from the ground with strict criteria relating to the distance from boundaries and the total percentage of the plot you can build on.

There are also detailed restrictions on floor area for balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, terraces and verandas

Our Unique Creative Spaces Australia System Makes it Easy to Get Your Plans Passed

Key features of our online home design process:

  • Architectural designs drawn with Exempt and Complying Development codes

  • Our plans comply with BASIX

  • You can check the design fits on your property using our unique Creative Spaces Australia software and Google Maps

  • Unique Creative Spaces Australia Site Check Test – you know your plans will pass before you buy them

  • Fully guaranteed process - if you are not granted approval we give 100% guarantee that the cost of any plans purchased will be refunded

Our Creative Spaces Australia Architects know the Exempt and Complying Development system and have designed home extensions and granny flat plans to suite the requirements.

For example they have made the maximum use of the 50m² floor area and have used appropriate construction materials. Our builders and architects also understand the BASIX system so we know our plans will pass environmental legislation.

Our unique software allows you to place your chosen design on your plot using Google Earth, it also means that you can check out multiple plans before you make a final choice.

At the Site Check Text stage our experts will assess whether your plans will pass SEPP complying development or not.

Traditional DA Approval

If your design does not meet Complying Development Approval, Creative Spaces Australia will help you apply for a Development Application through your local council.

You can read more about the NSW Environmental planning policy here

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