Designing a Functional Kitchen

At the heart of every kitchen is your ‘working triangle’.

You need to get his hub right so that your kitchen is an effortless space to work in.

It’s also important to choose hardwearing and practical materials for worktops and joinery so your new kitchen:

  • wears well

  • doesn’t date

  • adds value to your home

Traditional Designer Kitchens are Expensive

Often you can pay around $10,000 for the design alone!

The result is usually a poor layout which is difficult to work in and lets your home down when you come to sell it. 

Our Creative Spaces Australia interior designers have extensive experience in designing all kitchen types.

Our designs include L-shaped, U-shaped, single line and galley kitchens.

Our professional designers work closely with our architects to design kitchens which fit perfectly in your new space and are a joy to work in.

Creative Spaces Australia Kitchens Designs

Designing a beautiful kitchen is much harder than it looks. You have to take into account factors such as the way your property faces and the amount of natural light in the kitchen.

You also have to ensure the bench tops, appliances, cupboard doors, flooring and walls all work together to create a seamless and inviting space everyone will want to spend time in.

Our professional kitchen designers know which materials will work well in your space and they know which materials will look great for years to come.

Our website brings you the services of a team of professional kitchen designers at a fraction of the traditional cost.

girl reaching into fridge kitchen design

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