Why should you hire a Landscape Architect?

Australia is one of the most complex ecosystems in the world. Understanding these ecologies is key to successful garden design.

When designing your garden, understanding the local ecology is essential for choosing plants that will thrive where you live and importantly understanding how to create spaces that are comfortable in your climate and the character of the area.

If you want your new garden to perform as it should, you need to understand how to look conceptually at spaces, determine how they can be arranged around your home and what will make them suitable for a variety of uses.

You also need to understand how this can be done in a way that looks fantastic!

A common mistake people make when they try to design gardens is they combine a few plants and features that look great individually but when they put them all together there is no continuity.

Landscape Architects have superior expertise in garden design

A Landscape Architect is a trained professional who understands ecology, sociology and design. They are able to identify and understand the environmental systems that affect any given site and design spaces, which work for those conditions and best serve the people using them.

Once they have developed a full understanding of you and your family, the way you wish to live and where that will be, a good landscape architect will draw you up a detailed plan showing everything you need to create a perfectly suited garden.

This is wonderful however, it has traditionally been something families find hard to afford.

Creative Spaces Australia makes professional garden design affordable

At Creative Spaces our Landscape Architects have done all the hard work for you.

Our experts have designed gardens specifically to work with our professionally designed homes.

We offer this for a very reasonable fee and we will tailor these plans to sit perfectly on your plot.

We even offer you a range of different design concepts to suit your taste and lifestyle.

Our range of garden designs includes

  • Local - using plants found naturally in your local area,

  • 50s Modern - ideal for families

  • Formal - perfect if you like order and symmetry

  • Informal - based on relaxed geometries

  • Durable - designed for rental properties

  • Retirement - with accessible beds and wide walkways.

Creative Spaces Garden Design – How it Works

If you’ve chosen one of our online building designs, then you've already used our unique Creative Spaces Australia software and Google Earth to position the design on your plot and therefore we have that information safely stored on our database. Our Landscape Architects will assess this information to see your design, how it sits on your plot and consider factors like sloping ground, soil type and existing trees and/ or structures.

Following this, we will arrange a consultation to discuss how you plan to use your garden and any specific requirements you have, such as a children’s play area.

Finally, we prepare you a landscape documentation package that includes:

  • Landscape Plan – arrangement layout of paving, walling, garden beds, and features

  • Planting Plan - what to plant, how many and where and the most appropriate pot sizes

  • Schedule - detail drawings for construction of any features

  • Specification – a text document identifying the materials and products needed for the project.

We also include one follow up meeting to answer any questions you may have.

Our Price for this fully tailored garden design for your plot by a registered Landscape Architect is just $1,500

Award Winning Landscape Architect Martin Pell

Creative Spaces featured professional is Martin Pell.

Martin has an excellent understanding of Australian conditions and strong ideas about what landscape architecture offers.

Martin began his career as an apprentice landscape gardener in 1993. He completed his training and travelled extensively experiencing a variety of natural and non-natural environments.

In 2005 Martin completed a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at the University of New South Wales, following which he worked in one of Australia’s largest landscape architecture firms, developing his professional capacity to plan and design open spaces. He has been invited to contribute his expertise as a visiting design critic at the University of New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney and the University of Western Australia.

As a registered Landscape Architect, recognised by the Institute of landscape Architecture Martin is well placed to assist you with your Creative Spaces project.