Exempt and Complying Development – Section 149 Certificate

A Section 149 Planning Certificate contains information about your area and explains how plots in your area can be developed and what restrictions apply.

To put your building plans through the Creative Spaces Australia's Site Check Test we require a Section 149 Certificate which you can apply for through Council.

Alternatively to make things simple, Creative Spaces Australia can look after this for you, just contact us.

More about the Section 149 Certificate

Section 149 Certificates contain information on how a property may be used, what planning instruments apply, as well as property affectations/restrictions on development.

The certificate states all the relevant planning instruments that apply to the property however, it does not identify specific development standards.

Our Creative Spaces Australia architects and builders can advise you about permitted and complying development in your area.  

When land is bought or sold, the Conveyancing Act 1919 requires that a Section 149 Planning Certificate be attached to the contract for sale.

Here is some of the information you’ll find on your 149 Certificate:

  • Names of relevant local environmental plans, regional environmental plans, state environmental planning policies and development control plans
  • The zoning
  • Land uses permitted or prohibited within that zone
  • Any development that has been declared state significant in relation to the land
  • Whether the land is affected by section 38 or 39 of the Coastal Protection Act
  • Whether the land is in a mine subsidence district
  • Whether the land is affected by any road widening or road realignment proposals
  • Whether the land is affected by a policy that restricts development because of the likelihood of land slip, bush fire, flooding, tidal inundation, subsidence, acid sulphate soils, or any other risk
  • Whether the land is reserved for acquisition by a public authority
  • The name of each contributions plan applying to the land

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