Creative Spaces Site Check Test – peace of mind before you buy

Using our unique Creative Spaces Australia software and Google Maps gives you peace of mind that your building plans will be approved by your local authority before you buy them.

If you live in NSW

Once you submit your plans to us for a Site Check Test our Certifier will tell you within 14 working days whether your design is eligible for exempt and complying development

If you live outside NSW

We will tell you whether your plans are likely to pass the Development Application (DA) process.

Wherever you live, if your plans pass our Site Check Test we guarantee they will pass through council based on the current planning guidelines.

If this doesn't sell it to you, we also back our Site Check Test with a money back guarantee.

Which means that if based on the criterion of your local planning office, your plans fail to pass through council, we will refund the cost of any plans you have already purchased from us.

With Creative Spaces Australia getting your building plans approved is

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Guaranteed

Creative Spaces Australia Process

Is as simple as...

1.     Choosing a building design from our online collection

2.     Positioning your design on your property online

3.     Adding your creative flair

4.     Submiting your plans to us for a Site Check Test

5.     Paying for and downloading your plans when you need them

To submit your plans we need a Section 149 certificate

You can apply to council for the Section 149 Certificate for your area. Alternatively, to make things simple, Creative Spaces Australia can apply for the certificate on your behalf.

Before Creative Spaces Australia

Before the development of the unique Creative Spaces Australia online system, you would have to:

1.   Phone your architect and arrange a site visit

2.   Wait for your architect to design a sketch

3.   Send the sketch to certifier for an evaluation

4.   Enlist a surveyor to complete a detailed plan

Traditional Costs of Building Plans and Designs

  • Initial sketch and survey - around $5,000.
  • Time cost - around 8 weeks.

And this was before you even knew if your plans would pass through council.

Then, if your plans were approved, the architect would need to put together detailed architectural plans which would set you back around 10% of the final value of the development.

All in all before Creative Spaces Australia this would have been a lengthy and expensive process.

With Creative Spaces your costs are...

  • Just $850 for Site Check Test to guarantee your plans will pass
  • A fixed price of $5,500 for the Architectural Plans, Engineering Drawings and BASIX Certification
  • Detailed architecturally drawn kitchen plans, bathroom plans, and landscaping drawings available immediately.

Ready to Start Designing? Our Online Building Designs and Plans are here

*For NSW residents where plans come under exempt and complying development.