What are Building Specifications?

Building Specifications are the documents detailing to the construction team the expected standard of work.

Creative Spaces Australia specifications include written requirements for details such as materials, equipment, systems, standards and workmanship.

construction processThey are fully compliant with the Australian building codes and standards.

Our building specifications are useful documents to provide to contractors who are interested in working on your project and will allow them to give you an accurate quote.

Creative Spaces Australia online building plans and designs are fully compliant with Australian Building Codes and Standards

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) provides a nationally accepted and uniform set of technical requirements for all areas of building, from design to construction.

Developed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on behalf of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, the BCA is referred to as the building regulation in all States and Territories.

The BCA covers elements such as structure, fire resistance, health and amenity, building access and egress and building services and equipment. Volume two relates to residential buildings.

You can read more about this code here

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