What is BASIX?

BASIX stands for the Building Sustainability Index. The aim of BASIX is to help ensure new buildings utilise more rainwater and produce less greenhouse gases.

If you are building a new home or adding an extension or granny flat your, BASIX Certificate has to be attached to your development application before it can be processed.

BASIX Creative Spaces Australia

As part of Creative Spaces Australia's unique online building plans package, we include a completed BASIX report in the client download area.

Our architects have considered the environmental impact of our building designs very carefully. They have taken great care to ensure our buildings will pass specific targets.

With Creative Spaces Australia you know you are building green.

How do Creative Spaces Australia online building plans pass BASIX?

BASIX is flexible – building designs can meet targets from a wide range of options, such as rainwater tanks, water-saving fixtures, improved insulation, passive solar orientation, natural lighting and native plants for gardens.

online building plans and designs creative spaces australia

At Creative Spaces Australia we include rainwater tanks in all our designs,we also pay specific attention to the orientation of your plot as this has a bearing on how the sun affects your new building.

During the online design phase of your project you are able to position your building plan on your plot using our unique software and Google Earth.

We then use this information to help us ensure your building plans comply with BASIX, we make the whole process as painless and hassle free as can be.

Environmentally Friendly Features of our Building Plans

Here are some of the design features of our online building plans which help with securing BASIX.
water butt

  • Covered verandas to help shade your home

  • Rainwater tanks, plumbed to toilet, garden and/or laundry as appropriate

  • Efficient showerheads, toilets, tap fittings

  • Adequate insulation

  • Cross ventilation

  • Good solar orientation

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